Frequently Asked Questions

Colour Copiers: What to look for

When deciding on the perfect colour copier printer for your office, first consider how it will primarily be used. If you require copies with high-fidelity images, prioritize the printer scanner’s resolution. Likewise, the following areas are also important to keep in mind when purchasing a printer copier for an office environment: image quality, production capacity, features and design.

“Common Sense Six” – please read before you purchase!

To help choose the right copier for your business size and industry, consider these helpful points to determine your criteria:

Why Buy Local?

By choosing local, independent businesses for your product and service needs, you not only get real value and a personal service, you are also helping to build a community, strengthen your local economy, create jobs & opportunities, receive a better choice and most importantly get a great deal. Local companies are generally smaller and you can find you deal with real people instead of being just a number in the system of a national company!

Why not just buy the cheapest machine from anywhere on the internet?

Buying the cheapest machine may initially cut your outgoings, however with most products the standard may not always be up to scratch. Buying from a local, specialised copier dealer will ensure the service and products you receive are of a high quality and come with the additional benefits of service agreements and support (if required).

Should I Have a Service Agreement?

The average digital copier service agreement encompasses toner, drums & all parts, maintenance and repairs — essentially anything that isn’t paper. These service agreements are designed to free up office staff and employees from having to worry about toner levels and the long-term performance of the machine. Ask your colour copier quote supplier about any service contracts or post-sale support to determine whether the inclusiveness and cost of the plan will be worth it to you and your staff.

Will I be charged for delivery, installation and set up

The delivery, installation and set-up agreements will vary by supplier. Once you have received your quotes be sure to check with the suppliers what their agreement is for delivery, installation and set-up.

Why should I stop using my printer?

Copiers are equipped to handle a variety of tasks, enabling them to provide a solution for a whole variety of tasks. A photocopier is also great for producing high quality images for reports and portfolios. Some of the functions a photocopier can provide are stapling packets, hole-punching, booklet creation, covers, secure watermark, image mirror & repeat, positive and negative insertion. Some of these special features are available as optional upgrades or can be purchases individually within your package. Be sure to confirm with your chosen supplier what additional features you will need.

Will I get help once I’ve purchased?

Local help and support can play a big role in the experience you have when you purchase or lease this type of machine. Being able to get a hold of the right person (whether it’s by phone, email or chat) can make the difference between solving your problem in a timely manner and slowing down your company and workday. If you’re leasing rather than buying, then the length of the contract and the monthly payments will also factor into your decision.

1. Start by determining your monthly copy volume

If you weren’t familiar with your monthly copy volume in your last photocopier purchase, it’s time to crunch the numbers to determine average monthly paper use. Monthly copy volume is the currency that you can use to choose the right photocopier category based on size, speed, and volume. A low-volume copier can’t support a large business; conversely, a high-volume copier will go to waste in a small business or home office.

2. Decide between colour & black-and-white

A simple rule of thumb to remember is that colour copiers cost more than black-and-white copiers. Although colour copiers have become increasingly more affordable, it is still frivolous to pay for a feature you won’t use. (But remember, this is still a fraction of the cost of a printer compared to a small desk-top printer!).

3. List your top three must-have features

As you start to compare your quotes, you’ll notice that most photocopiers are advertised with all of the bells and whistles. So that you don’t get confused in your search, stick with the top three features your office can’t live without. A university admin office, for example, may need copier finishing features like booklet making and hole-punching; a multi-branch sales office may benefit from digital copier cloud storage to allow for remote printing from different locations. Every business is different.

4. Take your measurements

Many businesses go to the trouble of researching every copier feature under the sun to find the perfect fit, but they make one big mistake; they forget about the photocopier dimensions. Before you buy the perfect machine, make sure you have space for it in your office, whether it is a desktop all-in-one or a stand up floor model.

5. Tie up loose ends

Even though you’ve already nailed down the key features that you can’t live without, it’s important to cover your bases in your copier selection. Take a moment to review copier requirements like paper size, memory capacity, finishing and consumables. For example, a law office will require a copier that can print, copy and scan legal size paper.

6. Consider scalability

If you’re ready to sign on the dotted line for a copier upgrade, take a moment to consider how well a machine can grow with your current office setup. A high-quality photocopier may last 3 to 7 years, or 5 years on average. Check and double check that a copier’s size, volume and features can support your office both now and in the future.